released: dopamine clouds ep

Released! My new ep ‚Dopamine Clouds‘ is now released on ETUI records.
It is released on purple vinyl and digital formats!

I am more than happy about the release! Three tracks that show different sides of my sound palette. The opener ‚Dopamine Clouds‘ is a dub techno monolith and personally one of my favorite tracks I produced so far. Also the other two tunes show bass-heavy beats, swirling echoes and saturated chords; at the more functional and more trippy side of things.

The artwork is based on a painting of mine.

Links to the release:


…and later also in other stores..








YouTube Channel(official videos are and will be uploaded)

ETUI website with further info:

All tracks written & produced by Reimut van Bonn
Mastered by Salz Mastering
Manufactured by cometomusic
Painting by Reimut van Bonn
Artwork by Daniel Madlung
Collage Design by timconduit
Released by ETUI Records


presale: recontrol – the remix sessions

I am more than happy to announce the release of the result of the remix initiative I started during the lockdown: Recontrol – The Remix Sessions! An entire remix album with 17 remixes by amazing artists that will be released digitally on Van Bonn Records on July 3rd. All profit from this release will be donated to Doctors Without Borders.

The presale already started and gives you instant access to 3 remixes immediately – click here.

01_Van Bonn – Undertow (Bekø Remix)
02_Van Bonn – Undertow (Martin Schulte Silent Shore Version)
03_Van Bonn – Undertow (Tim Kossmann Remix)
04_Van Bonn – Rotten Love (Joseph S Joyce Remix)
05_Van Bonn – Control (Freund Der Familie Revision)
06_Van Bonn – Rotten Love (Shaded Explorer Woodland Version)
07_Van Bonn – Rotten Love (Krisz Deak Remix)
08_Van Bonn – Into (Jor-G Remix)
09_Van Bonn – Undertow (Abayomi Auspicious Dub)
10_Van Bonn – Into (6884 Remix)
11_Van Bonn – Souls Unite (Salz Unite Remix)
12_Van Bonn – Losing Control (Federsen Remix)
13_Van Bonn – Rotten Love (Upwellings Love Dub Remix)
14_Van Bonn – Control (Stefan Gubatz Lo-Fi Dub)
15_Van Bonn – Shedding The Fast (n-2b Remix)
16_Van Bonn – Losing Control (Whoknowswhocares Lost In The Mix)
17_Van Bonn – Souls Unite (6884 Remix)

Some digital stores will also offer a bonus: a continous mix of all the remixes I did that is available to everyone who will purchase the entire release.

A very big thank you to everyone who participated in this little initiative that turned out way bigger than I expected: thank you!!

Original tracks: Van Bonn
All the amazing remixes by the stated artists
Mastering: Salz
Artwork and design: timconduit


released: my remix for robert babicz

From now you can buy and listen to my ‚Valhalla‘-Remix of Robert Babicz’s tune „We Fly To The End Of The World“.

It was a great experience to work and remodel the high quality sounds that Robert provided for the remix. Of course remixing such a legend is a truly great experience!











The remix and the whole amazing album can be bought e.g. by following the following links or check out the legal streaming services who actually pay artists. Thanks.

Beatport –
iTunes –
Traxsource –
Juno Download –
Whatpeopleplay –


remix: Robert babicz

Nothing more to add than that I feel very honoured to be asked to remix one of the heroes and legends in techno! Remixing Robert Babicz was simply amazing!

Read more about the release and the remixes and remixers by clicking here!


released: borneo ep

My new ep ‚Borneo‘ is released on vinyl today. Click here to order your vinyl.

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released: van bonn – counterpart ep

From now on, the vinyl of my latest ep „Counterpart“ is available over at decks. This marks the second release on my label Van Bonn records.
The 12″ comes with three tunes on dark green marbled vinyl.

Click here to order the ep.


The rough and raw but punchy grooves with hard edged synth sounds of Counterpart’s original version meet with dubbed out sounds to create a kind of ‚funk‘ feel on the floor.
Freund der Familie stripped down the original version to present a slowed down, techno flavoured remix with a special ‚urban‘ feel. Finally Claudio PRC does what he does best. He turns Counterpart into a hypnotic, drony techno tune that creates the certrain kind of atmosphere that Claudio PRC stands for with his tunes.

The digital distribution of Van Bonn record’s releases are in preparation but will take a bit more time.


Van Bonn 02 to be released any day

Hey there,
hope you guys had a good start in the new year. Releasewise, I will kick off this year for me with the second ep on my label Van Bonn records.
The „Counterpart“ ep will contain the eponymous titletrack and two remixes by Freund der Familie and Claudio PRC. Both did an amazing job and did in their remixes exactly why I asked them if they were up for remixing me. The vinyl will arrive any day at decks online store, so keep your eyes open.



released: „issues“ remix for a.trebor on trapez

my new remix for a.trebor’s track ‚issues‘ on his recent ep is released on trapez right now. besides the two deep and driving tracks from a. trebor, there is also a dubby remix by raffaele attanasio. the ep is available in all downloadstores, for example at beatport. feel free to listen to the following snippet and to spread the word.

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