released: „issues“ remix for a.trebor on trapez

my new remix for a.trebor’s track ‚issues‘ on his recent ep is released on trapez right now. besides the two deep and driving tracks from a. trebor, there is also a dubby remix by raffaele attanasio. the ep is available in all downloadstores, for example at beatport. feel free to listen to the following snippet and to spread the word.



Butch: Finest techno!

Laurent Garnier: nice one, thanks a lot

Hermanez: very nice pack, love them all !! :)

Joseph Capriati: very good release. thanks!

John Digweed: good stuff

Claude VonStroke: Excellent

Electric Indigo: van bonn’s remix is cool! will play :)

Noah Pred: Lovely hypnosis here…

Rowan Blades: this thumps. yes please.

Frank Sonic: fett like always

TJ Norris/ Resident Advisor (UK): ‚No Man’s Land‘ is a big shapely block bearing down on a full dancefloor of denizens hardened by the light of the moon. This is quickstep, not tiptoe. Full-bodied and fresh. ‚Issues‘ offers as throbbing a big beat, and in its few quiet moments succeeds in wiping its wide brow. The mixes of the title track are also killer: Raffaele Attanasios‘ has a crushed foreground, muted and halftoned, his hi-hat adds a wonderful flare when it appears and hides. Van Bonn’s dub is saturated in darker tones, but has a curvaceous lowrider quality that is infectious and totally listenable.

Proton (US): Issues is cool and also the Van Bonn remix is very interesting …

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