presale: recontrol – the remix sessions

I am more than happy to announce the release of the result of the remix initiative I started during the lockdown: Recontrol – The Remix Sessions! An entire remix album with 17 remixes by amazing artists that will be released digitally on Van Bonn Records on July 3rd. All profit from this release will be donated to Doctors Without Borders.

The presale already started and gives you instant access to 3 remixes immediately – click here.

01_Van Bonn – Undertow (Bekø Remix)
02_Van Bonn – Undertow (Martin Schulte Silent Shore Version)
03_Van Bonn – Undertow (Tim Kossmann Remix)
04_Van Bonn – Rotten Love (Joseph S Joyce Remix)
05_Van Bonn – Control (Freund Der Familie Revision)
06_Van Bonn – Rotten Love (Shaded Explorer Woodland Version)
07_Van Bonn – Rotten Love (Krisz Deak Remix)
08_Van Bonn – Into (Jor-G Remix)
09_Van Bonn – Undertow (Abayomi Auspicious Dub)
10_Van Bonn – Into (6884 Remix)
11_Van Bonn – Souls Unite (Salz Unite Remix)
12_Van Bonn – Losing Control (Federsen Remix)
13_Van Bonn – Rotten Love (Upwellings Love Dub Remix)
14_Van Bonn – Control (Stefan Gubatz Lo-Fi Dub)
15_Van Bonn – Shedding The Fast (n-2b Remix)
16_Van Bonn – Losing Control (Whoknowswhocares Lost In The Mix)
17_Van Bonn – Souls Unite (6884 Remix)

Some digital stores will also offer a bonus: a continous mix of all the remixes I did that is available to everyone who will purchase the entire release.

A very big thank you to everyone who participated in this little initiative that turned out way bigger than I expected: thank you!!

Original tracks: Van Bonn
All the amazing remixes by the stated artists
Mastering: Salz
Artwork and design: timconduit

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