upcoming gig: culture box – copenhagen

I am pleased to announce my first gig at Culture Box, Copenhagen alongside a whole bunch of great artists!



Save the date!


upcoming release: van bonn records 03

The final touches on my upcoming third ep on Van Bonn records are done. I am more then satisfied with the tunes. Looking forward to hear the master and of course the final result on vinyl.


max cooper charts “reise im fjord”

It is very nice to see when an artist you respect is charting a tune of yours. Max Cooper charted ‘Reise Im Fjord’ – thanks for the support, Max!


back in the studio

After some time away from the controllers, I am back in the studio for a new session.








Ths tunes sound ace and the knobs are twisted until the monitors start to smoke…


unbound ep on vinyl


unbound vinyl










Order the vinyl here or check all known download stores for the digital version.


released: ‘Out Out’ on Traum Schallplatten

Today, my ep ‘Out Out’ is released on Traum Schallplatten! I am very happy about this release as it features four personal tunes of mine which present a broader musical spectrum without missing deepness. You will find the release in all known download stores such as Beatport, iTunes, Boomkat, Bleep, Juno, etc.pp.

Van Bonn_Out Out










What does Traum Schallplatten say about my release:DSCF0939-3

“His Traum EP “Out Out” makes a mark with a comparable simplistic organic complexity but shakes off any genre bond features with bravery. Van Bonn is at his best when he introduces pieces of silence, which are as forceful as “heavy storming melodies”. His music is at times almost meditative but don´t expect to hear it at yoga classes, it is edgy, very personal and also very far out!”

Read more about the release by clicking here.

On top, it is an honour to release on a label like Traum that featured artists like Minilogue, Extrawelt, Nathan Fake or Thomas Brinkmann.


The cover picture as well as the artist picture were taken by Alexandre Baron.


released: vinyl of ‘unbound’ ep

From now on, the vinyl version of my ep ‘Unbound’ is available on decks.de and all good sorted online mailorder later on. For the vinyl version, I went back to the studio and remodeled the original mixes of the tunes.  So expect two mixes that differ from the digital release in a deeper way. Enjoy!

Click here to order the vinyl.

Ohne Titel

It is nice to see that the support for the vinyl is already going strong – 1st on decks dub techno buzz charts after one day. Thanks!


released: ep ‘Unbound’

Since today my new ep ‘Unbound’ is released on Telrae. It features two tunes: While ‘King’ is grooving with an uplifting beat and presenting short musical intermezzi before turning to a more psychedelic tune, ‘Distinct’ is taking you by hand to explore the very depths of Dub Techno. The ep got strong feedback from great Djs and producers from all over the world. I hope you enjoy the two tunes as much as I do.  For now, the ep is available in all digital stores. The vinyl version might arrive in the start of the upcoming year.

Click here to shop the ep: Beatport, itunes, Juno, Boomkat and all other known download stores.


Read the nice words from Juno about my release:

“Sometimes, less is more, and this is an approach that Reimut van Bonn is well acquainted with. The German producer’s latest release for Telrae is very much focused on presenting a reduced style of techno. Clocking in at over 15 minutes, “Distinct” takes a while to get going – but when it does, it favours an understated sound, with dubby, layered textures unfolding over stripped back beats. “King” is more complex and involved. A rickety rhythm and tick-tock percussion are at its core, but it’s really the chiming, chords and sweeping filter that make this track such a seductive affair.”


cover artwork for my upcoming ep on telrae

My upcoming ep ‘Unbound’ on telrae will be released in the end of the month and contains two tunes of mine.

Until then, enjoy the artwork of the ep that brings you some warmth of the moods of late summer romanticism.




released: remix for ron flatter

Today, my remix for Ron Flatter is released von Traumschallplatten!Enjoy the stripped down version minimized to its rough essentials.

It is available in all known download stores, e.g. at Beatport.

Traum V182



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