new podcast on sub.spiele

Happy new year everybody!
Have a smooth and relaxed start in the new year with my new podcast on sub.spiele which I mixed yesterday at New Year’s Eve. It focusses on the relaxed interpretation of dub techno.

You can download the Podcast here.

I took the cover photo on a travel in Nepal on a long hike in the Himalayas last year around this time.

Enjoy and thanks to sub.spiele :)

1. Variant – As Time Stood Still
2. Quantec – Xeric Dub
3. Fluxion – Multidirectional I
4. Deepchord Pres. Echospace – Aequinoxium
5. Gubatz & Van Bonn – Marathon (Dublicator’s Long Distance Dub)
6. Van Bonn – Onwards II
7. Cio D’or – Ur (Salz Remix)
8. Freund der Familie – Sark (Sven’s Short Range Mix)
9. Stefan Gubatz – Villa Nicht
10. Fiber – 14,5% Ambient Mix