released: Recontrol – the remix sessions

Today my charity album ‚Recontrol – The Remix Sessions‘ is released! It presents 17 remixes by amazing artists remixing original tunes of my debut album ‚Control‘ – plus a continous mix of mine for those purchasing the entire release on selected platforms.

During the lockdown this release was initiated openly and everyone was invited to participate. Read more about the story behind the release and the track list below.

Today Bandcamp is giving their fees to the artists, too.
As a Bandcamp special, until the end of the upcoming week, buying my entire discography is dicounted with 50% and on top I will donate all profit from all sales on Bandcamp that happen in that period to Doctors Without Borders, too.

You will find the release:







and many other platforms.

Background of the release:

When Van Bonn gave control over the sounds of his debut album during the Corona-pandemia, everyone was invited to create a remix, no one was excluded. The idea was to get creative in a challenging period when most of us were under lockdown. This release is the result of the many contributions Van Bonn received from all over the world. All profit from these remixes will be donated to Doctors Without Borders.

Since his debut album ‚Control‘ back in 2016, Van Bonn thought about the idea of a follow up remix release. The album‘s title ‚Control‘ refers to different forms of events that are connected to that term. For example: keeping control over your own life, losing self control or control due to one´s will or an unforseen event. When the Corona virus spread all over the world and the first countries went under lockdown, it seemed to be the right moment to turn the idea of the remix release into reality. Van Bonn gave up the control over his sounds.

The 17 selected contributions from 9 countries span over many facets of dubby techno: from groovy to rhythmical, reduced and layed back to forward driving, almost functional vibes. But there are also leftfield dubby excursions and an almost elektro-dub like version as well as a neo classical finale.

Thank you very much for your support and to everyone involved!

Track list:
01_Van Bonn – Undertow (Bekø Remix)
02_Van Bonn – Undertow (Martin Schulte Silent Shore Version)
03_Van Bonn – Undertow (Tim Kossmann Remix)
04_Van Bonn – Rotten Love (Joseph S Joyce Remix)
05_Van Bonn – Control (Freund Der Familie Revision)
06_Van Bonn – Rotten Love (Shaded Explorer Woodland Version)
07_Van Bonn – Rotten Love (Krisz Deak Remix)
08_Van Bonn – Into (Jor-G Remix)
09_Van Bonn – Undertow (Abayomi Auspicious Dub)
10_Van Bonn – Into (6884 Remix)
11_Van Bonn – Souls Unite (Salz Unite Remix)
12_Van Bonn – Losing Control (Federsen Remix)
13_Van Bonn – Rotten Love (Upwellings Love Dub Remix)
14_Van Bonn – Control (Stefan Gubatz Lo-Fi Dub)
15_Van Bonn – Shedding The Fast (n-2b Remix)
16_Van Bonn – Losing Control (Whoknowswhocares Lost In The Mix)
17_Van Bonn – Souls Unite (6884 Remix)

Original tracks: Van Bonn
All the amazing remixes by the stated artists
Mastering: Salz
Artwork and design: timconduit


released: digital version of conchord

Today the digital version of my Conchord is released. It features an original mix of the titel track besides remixes by Vril and Freund der Familie and an Alternate Dubplay. The first press of the vinyl sold out within two weeks, right now the repress is on the way. Also the ep already got support from Ben Klock, Nina Kraviz, Cari Lekebusch, Brendon Moeller, Francois X, Peter van Hoesen, Markus Suckut and many more…

Check it out on the following platforms:



Apple Music




…and many more paltforms of your choice…

I also created a Spotify Playlist for the release – just click here.


released: Dunning Kruger ep

My latest ep ‚Dunning Kruger‘ is released and is available from now on clear blue marbled vinyl over at

Kontakt Records released this ep that contains  two slamming chord driven tunes and a bass heavy urban cut by me. I produced these tracks while living in Copenhagen. Techno hero CTRLS Remix answers the question how a trippy and dubbed out version sounds like.


Snippets and order vinyl here.


released: digital version of ‚control‘

Yesssss!! My album ‚Control‘ is released today digitally!
I am more than proud how the album turned out musically and I am happy to finally present it to you! Besides known aspects of my sound did I also integrate new styles, moods and a feat. with my buddy Luis Baltes!
I hope you will enjoy the album as much as I do!
You can stream and buy it on various platforms, please find a bunch of links below. The vinyl version will be released Friday next week.




Update: debut album

My Album is on its way to the pressing plant and I am waiting for the test presses. The album will be called ‚Control‘ and will be released on my label Van Bonn Records. More info to follow soon!


presale: pluto ep – van bonn records 04

The vinyl of my new ep ‚Pluto‘ on my label Van Bonn records is running at It features two original tunes of mine and two amazing remixes by Brendon Moeller and Eric Cloutier. Click here to order the vinyl.

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released: van bonn – counterpart ep

From now on, the vinyl of my latest ep „Counterpart“ is available over at decks. This marks the second release on my label Van Bonn records.
The 12″ comes with three tunes on dark green marbled vinyl.

Click here to order the ep.


The rough and raw but punchy grooves with hard edged synth sounds of Counterpart’s original version meet with dubbed out sounds to create a kind of ‚funk‘ feel on the floor.
Freund der Familie stripped down the original version to present a slowed down, techno flavoured remix with a special ‚urban‘ feel. Finally Claudio PRC does what he does best. He turns Counterpart into a hypnotic, drony techno tune that creates the certrain kind of atmosphere that Claudio PRC stands for with his tunes.

The digital distribution of Van Bonn record’s releases are in preparation but will take a bit more time.


New ep on sale: Gradient

Wow! So, finally it happenes for real: the first ep on my very own label Van Bonn Records is released now! You can order it over at The ep contains the tunes ‚Gradient (CPH Mix)‘ and ‚Gradient‘ of mine as well as an amazing remix by Milton Bradley. The first press is available in dark red wax.

You can order the vinyl here.

Gradient Vinyl


Preorder: Van Bonn 01

Here we go for the preorder of my ep „Gradient“ on my new label Van Bonn records. The preorder takes place at Decks Records exclusivley. The ep includes three tunes: Gradient (CPH Dub), Gradient and a huge remix by Milton Bradley of this tune! First pressing comes in dark red vinyl! Thanks for your support!


Click here to preorder the ep.




My own label: Van Bonn Records!

I am very proud to announce that I started my own label which is simply called Van Bonn Records! The label focuses on my own tunes and remixes of great artists that will be released on 12″. The vinyl will be available and distributed by exclusively. Swap over to the label page and feel free to follow my new imprint!

Van Bonn 01 will be availbale at throughout March 2013. It will contain the tunes: Gradient CPH Dub, Gradient and an amazing remix of Gradient by Milton Bradley. The vinyl will be black with dark red sprinkles, so every vinyl will be unique. I will keep you posted about the preorder, etc.