„stainless dub“ remix for salz

i remixed the mighty salz for their upcoming release on telrae!
the release will be available on vinyl (only salz tracks) in the end of August.
the digital version includes remixes by me and joergmueller and will be available on all known digital plattforms in the beginning of September.
the tunes are raw and deep, just what i like about dub tech.

this is what telrae says about my remix:
„Van Bonn’s core artist on telrae has contributed a „raw construction“ remix of „stainless dub“ that is very much on the dj side of things and connects music wise to his remix he just did for a. trebor on the trapez 134 which will be released in August 2012. A heavy groove, somehow raw and industrial with a nice static to it… works hand in hand with effects /delays that suspend themselves over all of the other elements. the track functions in an additive way… introducing new sequences that raise the dynamic to another level step by step but still keeping the cool. this remix is a true rocker!“


„issues“ remix for a. trebor

right now i am listening to the master file of my remix for a.trebor’s „issues“ from the upcoming ep „no man’s land“ on trapez. sounds terrific. raffaele attanasio who released for non series etc. did a remix as well. so expect four deep and powerful tracks that will be available from 13.august.