interview & podcast: Echoisone

Enjoy my new dubby podcast for ECHOisONE – there is also an interview with me talking about my upcoming album, approach to music, etc.:

The mix features a tune from my album which will be released on Van Bonn Records as well :)


presale: pluto ep – van bonn records 04

The vinyl of my new ep ‚Pluto‘ on my label Van Bonn records is running at It features two original tunes of mine and two amazing remixes by Brendon Moeller and Eric Cloutier. Click here to order the vinyl.

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Check out my latest podcast in regards to my new „Valid“ ep which is released on Trapez.

Click here to listen to the mix on Mixcloud.


released: van bonn – forces ep

My latest ep ‚Forces‘ is now available on sheer white vinyl as well as download in all known download stores.

It is the first release of Telrae’s new sub label Telrae Tracks. Therefor, expect two tunes of mine in the more powerful, raw and energetic way.

Click here for the vinyl.

The ep is also available in all known Doadload stores, e.g. Beatport and iTunes.









released: van bonn – counterpart ep

From now on, the vinyl of my latest ep „Counterpart“ is available over at decks. This marks the second release on my label Van Bonn records.
The 12″ comes with three tunes on dark green marbled vinyl.

Click here to order the ep.


The rough and raw but punchy grooves with hard edged synth sounds of Counterpart’s original version meet with dubbed out sounds to create a kind of ‚funk‘ feel on the floor.
Freund der Familie stripped down the original version to present a slowed down, techno flavoured remix with a special ‚urban‘ feel. Finally Claudio PRC does what he does best. He turns Counterpart into a hypnotic, drony techno tune that creates the certrain kind of atmosphere that Claudio PRC stands for with his tunes.

The digital distribution of Van Bonn record’s releases are in preparation but will take a bit more time.


released: van bonn – baumgartner ep

My new ep „Baumgarnter“ is on sale now! you can order the vinyl over at decks. Later on the ep will be also released in digital formats in all known download stores. Obviously the jump of Felix Baumgartner inspired me to produce this tune. the constant elevation of this small capsule somewhere up there in space in combination with all those sounds from space made me to produce this tune straight after his safe arrival on mother earth.

On the flip side you’ll find a remix of ‚Baumgartner‘ by Marko Fürstenberg. I am super amazed by this remix and happy to have him on this release, which is my fourth on Telrae!

You can order the vinyl here.



Remix for Anthea & Dana Ruh on Beatport

My remix for Anthea’s and Dana Ruh’s tune ‚Like A River‘ is now available on Beatport. Other digital plattforms will follow in a few weeks. The ep is also available on vinyl.

Click here for the ep on Beatport.