released: pluto ep

Yeah! The vinyl of my new ep ‚Pluto‘ is released and available over at from now on. Check out the two new original tunes of mine and the amazing remixes by Brendon Moeller and Eric Cloutier.










Click here for the vinyl.

Van Bonn presents on his new ep Pluto dedicated techno music with a dubby edge. Every tune of the ep points and reflects a different situation of the night. The eponymous opener Pluto delivers a powerful groove full of drive, massive chords and sirens to thrill the air. Twisted elements spice the dubby elements that melt into a massive break. 2650 pleases with a forward driving groove and modulated chord stabs. The massive bass goes hand in hand with the overall positive vibe created by subtle shifts of the harmony to round off an evolving tune that points on the dancefloor. The two heroes Brendon Moeller and Eric Cloutier remixed Van Bonn s original mixes. It needs to be said that it is amazing to welcome these two artists on this ep with their fantastic reshapes. Brendon Moeller remixed Pluto and presents a stripped down, groovy and dubby affair that fathoms the wideness and depths of the original mix. Brendon Moeller s remix proves again that less is sometimes more. Techno dub at its best. Eric Cloutier s remix of 2650 rounds off the ep with a gentle and deep driving dub house vibe. It is presented in the stripped down Eric Cloutier sound . Full of details and little changes does Eric Cloutier s remix tickle your eardrum that makes you long for the next neverending open air session. But don t forget to go home.

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