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I am happy to present you a bunch of info about my upcoming debut album which will be released 21th of October on my label Van Bonn Records on vinyl and digital formats.










The album will contain 13 tunes in total and will encorporate well known sounds of mine besides explorations of new musical territories. Please have a listen to the snippets of the album here!

The vinyl is also already up for presale here:
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Continue to  read more about my debut album ‚Control‘ and the whole thoughts behind it:

Welcome and dive into Van Bonn’s debut album ‚Control‘ which is released on his very own label Van Bonn Records. Musicwise ‚Control‘ is the logical consequence and expansion of the sound Van Bonn is known for. Powerful, energetic and groove oriented techno with a dubby edge. It is about the connection and transformation of the abstract dub with the concrete of techno. Further than that Van Bonn showcases for the first time tunes in the field of dub step and ambient but also on the vocal side, as he collaborated with Luis Baltes. ‚Control‘ is a real musical techno album in the truest sense.

It is not a collection of tunes. It tells a story and takes you by hand to explore the wide scope of Van Bonn’s techno dub productions.

‚Control is a very strong word and a central aspect of life with a lot of different meanings and levels. This is why I chose ‚Control‘ to be the title of my debut album‘ as Van Bonn says. Controlling people and machines, being controlled by both of them but also losing control due to unforseen happenings in one’s life or by one’s own will by intoxication refer to the ideas connected to ‚Control‘. But also approaches to interpersonal exchange and the exchange of (personal) data and the unforseeable consequences that are connected to that, are a few of the meanings when Van Bonn decided to name his debut album ‚Control‘.

‚Control‘ features 13 tunes and they work on the dance floor and your headphones alike. ‚Into‘ interludes the journey with deep drones followed by ‚Papillon‘ that releases power with chopped vocal samples and manipulated chords. ‚Undertow‘ is the uplifting but melancholic ride on driving chords just before ‚Control‘ crushes in with its massive chord stabs and break downs. ‚Ghosting‘ is allowing a gentle playful break before ‚Toit Du Monde‘ presents Van Bonn’s vision of a very stripped down dub techno tune. Van Bonn collaborates with Luis Baltes on ‚I Am Free‘ and the result is a groove monster that allows Luis Baltes‘ voice to lift the tune on a higher level. ‚Shedding The Fast‘ is taking a deep breath and studies heavy modulated deep sounds that are embraced by a original dub step groove. ‚Rotten Love‘ is the deep dubby reminiscence to Detroit whereas ‚Lost Curse‘ makes you simply wanna dance to release your energy. The connection of simplicity and melancholy finds its peak in the break of ‚Souls Unite‘ that will warm the dancefloor and hearts just a glimpse before ‚Losing Control‘ slowly reduces the energy and speed of ‚Control‘ by allowing the sounds and tones more and more space to breathe. The final journey ‚Outer Regions I & II‘ is a transformation of several sounds taken from various tunes of the album that are transformed into an ambient/drone experiment.

Van Bonn’s debut album ‚Control‘ embraces the full span of his former productions but also some expansions that widen his sound cosmos. But Van Bonn never loses the essential core of his techno music: the connection of the concrete techno and the abstract of dub.


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